Background Car-pack: product range details


Product Summary:

The ‘Background Car Pack’ or ‘BG Car Pack’ is a range of low-mid detail art assets (models and supporting textures) for non-commerical use within video-game environments. The product range includes a range of 50 base vehicle models inspired by real world vehicles built by domestic US Auto-makers from 1957 to 1987. A large range of body styles and manufacturers are covered in a consistent package of assets that are ready to use in a game environment, whether as interactive or just background assets.  Use of all vehicle assets contained herein is almost certainly likely to reduce any need for a developer to spend time producing vehicle models for background use.

Art Style:

The ‘BG Car Pack’ assets are generally* restricted to a polygon count of less than 3500 triangles**, and all make use of shared texture material to reduce memory usage.

Model Standards:

All Models are built with the following basic standards:

  • Full 3d Exterior with trim, side mirrors, turn signals
  • Basic interior silouhette (with block seats)
  • Models are not set up for opening doors as interior is just a silouhette
  • Openable Engine Bay with 3d engine model
  • Openable Trunk
  • 3d exhaust detailing
  • Full 3d wheels

Note: Some assets require additional detail, such as suspension components on Semi-trucks as the chassis is visible.

Texture Standards:

All texture material used in the ‘BG Car Pack’ comes to a collective total of 25 different textures, which in targa image format come to under 20 Megabytes. The full range of textures, which are not necessarily needed at all times by all models includes:

  • 6 different body textures (for differing body styles and damaged cars)
  • 1 single trim texture (for all reflective exterior trim)
  • 1 glass texture (for lights and windows)
  • 1 damaged version of the above – Only available with ‘Value Pack’
  • 1 miscellaneous texture (for interior, chassis, grille and engine parts)
  • 1 vinyl texture (for vinyl roofs)
  • 1 damaged version of the above
  • 1 large set of license plates (contains 80 different plate numbers)
  • 2 sets of overlay decals (Stripes, insignia & badges)
  • 10 different wheel/tire textures

* – Generally refers to most assets, there are some inevitable exceptions where assets are over this count

** –  Polygon Count includes: Wheels, interior, engine and all mesh details

All Assets come packaged in 3d studio format for convenience and ease of use

Mesh Grouping:

The below images demonstrates the detachable parts. BGC01VEH50 has detachable bumpers, hood and trunk. Some Vehicles have additional detachable parts such as flares, wheel covers, steps, wings, depending on body style and construction.

MG_demo_BGC01VEH50_a MG_demo_BGC01VEH50_b

Most Models Come with the following list of meshes (all products are prone to variation and may differ from descriptions):

  • body – main body shell (includes block interior, engine bay, motor and exhaust)
  • bumper_f – detachable front bumper
  • bumper_r – detachable rear bumper
  • hood – detachable hood
  • trunk – detachable trunk
  • wheel_lf – Front left wheel
  • wheel_lr – Rear left wheel
  • wheel_rf – Front right wheel
  • wheel_rr – Rear right wheel

However some come with extra parts or some of the standard meshes may not be present (all products are prone to variation and may differ from descriptions):

  • Some Vehicles may also have extra ‘wheel_*’ models for extra axles
  • Some Vehicles have additional bumpers or detachable trim
  • A few Vehicles have hub-caps in addition to their standard wheels
  • The Semi-Trucks have no rear bumpers or trunks meshes