Mad Mikes Portfolio of work, going from the first days of modifying content in video games through to now. Oldest work is at the bottom of the page with most recent at the top (Portfolio pages still under construction, click on image to be taken to relevant page)

Warning for slow connection users: Each portfolio page contains large resolution images

Videos of selected content can be found my Youtube channel.

2014-2017: Carmageddon Mods (Currently for Max Damage)


2011-2015: Carmageddon style car models – Round 2 (updated February 2015)


2014: Mobile Game spec’ car models – Link

A collection of 5 vehicle models that were intended for use in mobile games.

2012-2014: Supporting Artwork – Knight Rider: The Fan Game (updated July 2014)


2013: High detail portfolio work – 1973 Ford Falcon XB-GT Coupe



2012-2013: Background Car Pack


2011-2013: Carmageddon style car models


2010-2011: Academic final year project: Crashday Overdrive


2009-2012: Motor World Online – Link

Motor World Online, generally referred to as MWO was an attempt to develop a Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Racing-Game or MMORG inspired by the 2001 game Motor City Online.

2008-2009: Deathday; The Extinction


This project was the foundation that would lead to me producing content from scratch in its entireity and set me down the path to today.