Portfolio – Deathday: The Extinction (Game Mod)

2008-2009: Deathday; The Extinction

The Deathday mod was an attempt at a Total-Conversion/TC mod for PC racing game Crashday. After having learn’t the basics of modelling and texturing through converting car models to Crashday from other games such as Grand Theft Auto. I attempted to produce a TC mod with an apocalyptic, mad max style theme. Of the 42 car models, just under 10 were built by me, although some models used mechanical/engine or chassis parts borrowed from other game models and the majority of textures were not created by me. I finally called it a day and released the majority of the content on flatout joint in mid 2009:

Files from the only release were hosted on Flatout Joint, which is now offline. Files can be found instead on “Crashday Boards”.

This project was the foundation that would lead to me producing content from scratch in its entireity and set me down the path to today.

Most of the Environment Textures used were originally from other games or freeware texture websites. However most new environment geometry (elevated highways, bridges, underground parking garages) was created by me

The vehicles shown below were the ones created by me, although in places texture material and engine parts may have been taken from other game models. Some of the vehicles took the place of original game cars while others were new Additions or ‘Add-ons’

1974 Plymouth Roadrunner 440

Replacing One of the games standard cars. This was a more customisable car than most of the ‘Add-on’ cars


1975 Plymouth Fury ‘Taxi-Cab’

Almost all of the textures on this one were not created by Mad Mike, as was the Engine/drivetrain and wheels


1979 Lincoln Mark V Continental

One of My very first models, the top of the A-pillars were a little bent out of shape


1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Sedan

Originally my very first model, which after countless hours of revisions – I scrapped it and started again, this was the result


1983 Dodge Diplomat

Taking inspiration from the ‘Zartex’ police car from Driver Parallel Lines


1985 Buick LeSabre

Intended to a beat-up sedan that could be turned into an over the top monster truck


1987 Buick GNX

The last model that I built from scratch for the Deathday mod