Portfolio – Motor World Online

2009-2012: Motor World Online

Motor World Online, generally referred to as MWO was an attempt to develop a Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Racing-Game or MMORG inspired by the 2001 game Motor City Online. MWO was themed around the ‘hey-dey’ of American muscle cars, hot-rods and drag racing of the 1960s and ’70s. I came aboard to produce vehicle models for the project, inspired by real world vehicles. Unfortunately following numerous problems relating to the User interface, vehicle modification, endlessly changing art styles and a scope too big for an independant developer, the project was ‘boxed up’ and left. Note: all images shown are model renders and not in-game footage

The initial art style involved the lowest possible polygon count of around 3000 triangles counting interior, wheels but not mechanical parts. Textures consisted of mostly baked exterior bodywork, self generated textures for the interior, lights and trim being taken from real world images of reference vehicles and a communual chassis/mechanincal texture.

 MWO_Dodge02 MWO_Muscle MWO-70-AMC-Rebel-Machine-01

Note: Engine & chassis textures were not created by me

MWO-73-roadrunner MWO-garage-transam-2 MWO-Various-cars-03



The Art Style then changed to a more polygon intensive style, with more emphasis on interior detail (full 3d gauge cluster) and a smoother body shell. All cars would now share every texture except for a single bespoke interior/tail-lights/grille texture. This would be the final style before my involvement with the project ended and development ceased.

MWO-garage2 MWO-garage3