Portfolio – Crashday Overdrive

2010-2011: Academic final year project: Crashday Overdrive

For my final year of study at university, I set out to create and expansion pack for the aforementioned PC game Crashday. The core aim and idea was to address what had been criticised about the game through new (and more) content set around a retro 1980s theme. The Project drew inspiration from television shows such as Miami Vice, with more inner city urban track tiles, a set of period vehicles and some other material, some of which was not completed for the acadenic subnission as it was not necessary to demonstrate the new art style.

Some texture material such as lights, chassis textures and the games pre-existing shaders for chrome, rubber, plastic, glass and metal were re-used, however all body textures, decals, interior, engine and wheel textures were created by me, as were all new/additional building textures. All Geometry was created by me. All vehicle models were ‘inspired’ by real world vehicles that appeared in mainstream media of the period.

Lead Developer of the Original game: Robert Clemens came on board as a client and commented saying Crashday Overdrive: ‘It is what I would have expected from a professional’

Model Renders:

1976 Domestic Trucks Cargo Mac VII (Yellow), 1971 Power Stormer Gran Sport (Green), 1980 Judge 400 VSR (white)

UniWork_3rdYr01 UniWork_3rdYr03 UniWork_3rdYr04

Example of Vehicle Customisation (wrecked taxi to custom hot rod): 1959 Carson Custom Cruiser


Aftermarket Wheel Models (sports, racing and off-road)



UniWork_3rdYr05 UniWork_3rdYr06 UniWork_3rdYr07 UniWork_3rdYr08

All Cars (left to right):

1st Row: ’59 Carson Custom Cruiser, ’68 Prestige Excelsior Coach, ’71 Power Stormer Gran-Sport

2nd Row: 1973 Incarcerator V8 Special, ’73 Ironhorze V8, ’74 Bornbad GT-70

3rd Row: ’76 Domestic Trucks Cargo Mac VII, ’78 Hunter GSL-75, ’79 Firespitter Ralleye Sport

4th Row: ’80 Judge 400 VSR, ’81 Power Pick’em Up V8, ’84 Italiana Exotica 525