Portfolio – Carmageddon style Car models

2011-2013: Carmageddon style car models

With the news of Carmageddon Reincarnation being in development. I set out to produce my own batch of new-era carmageddon style cars. Some models are based off of original Carmageddon 1 and 2 cars, while others are new ideas. All Model & Texture material was created by me.

Collective Vehicle images:

Carma4Concept_01 Carma4Concept_14 Carma4Concept_11 Carma4Concept_12


Individual Vehicle Shots:

Carma4Concept_ANA-Limo_Probe_X Carma4Concept_BloodRiviera CarRender_CaddyFatCat CarRender_DeGoryUn Carma4Concept_FearLinerTowTruck Carma4Concept_FraudBroko Carma4Concept_HevyImpaler Carma4Concept_Hickup Carma4Concept_Leadpumper-junk Carma4Concept_Paralyser CarRender_RedEagle Carma4Concept_StodgeBarger Carma4Concept_SemiMKIII Carma4Concept_Sled Carma4Concept_Volvile