Portfolio – High detail cars: 1973 Ford Falcon XB-GT

2013: High detail portfolio work – 1973 Ford Falcon XB-GT Coupe

With a polygon count of around 35000 triangles, this portfolio piece is a premium/high detail model made to the highest possible standard, yet still modelled efficiently. Full interior,  running gear, drivetrain and engine parts are modelled and textured. Modelled after an Australian Ford Falcon, more specifically the XB from 1973, with GT package in the 2 door Hardtop Coupe body style.

This model contains more details than any previous models in my portfolio, the body shell comes with all parts detachable (fenders, front clip, doors, bumpers, hood and trunk)

1973FordXBFalconGT_stock_03 1973FordXBFalconGT_stock_06 1973FordXBFalconGT_stock_04

Internally full GT instrument/gauge cluster, radio, heater controls & vents, clock, 4 speed shifter, T-bar controls/switches.


Mechanically the powertrains’ 351 Cubic inch (5.7 Liter) Cleveland V8 comes with most major components modelled (intake manifold, carburettor, valve covers, distributor & spark plug wiring, air cleaner, fan, radiator, ps-pump, exhaust and more).


This will be the start of a new selection of high-er detail models, a ‘last of the V8s’ version from the 1979 movie ‘Mad Max’ will also be created.