Portfolio – Knight Rider Fan Game

2014: Knight 2000 Rebuild – Knight Rider: The Fan Game

Knight 2000/KITT rebuild

Mad Mike productions was called upon to rebuild the Knight 2000 model that is the centre piece of the Knight Rider Fan Game. A base model was provided to me, which I completely stripped back to just a basic body shell, this was then refined, retextured and re-assembled with a new chassis, base interior, mechanical parts, and then the original interior parts (Seats, Dashboard, pedals, console, steering wheel) were revised to fit the new base interior.

Some texture material was not created by me and was the original material re-used (interior, mechanical/chassis, tail lights)




In addition, I also provided several extra vehicles to supplement the background car-pack, which are all used as the civilian traffic population in the Knight Rider Fan Game


2012-2013: Supporting Artwork – Knight Rider: The Fan Game

Mad Mike Productions has provided small amounts of supporting artwork towards the independent computer game: Knight Rider – The Fan Game. This included (in 2012-2013) providing supporting background cars from the background car-pack. I also produced the exterior model for the ‘FLAG Mobile Unit’ (based off a 1980s GMC General Semi Truck) and an environment piece ‘H.M. Murdochs Used Cars’ – a full showroom and auto service center.

FLAG Mobile Unit

Based in a traditional Semi Truck (a 1980s GMC General), the FLAG Mobile Unit was the portable repair centre for KITT. I produced the exterior model for Unleaded Games while they produced the interior workshop for the trailer.



H.M. Murdochs Used Cars

H.M. Murdochs Used Cars is a retro-styled car dealer, complete with Parts Department, Service & Auto-Repair Centre and Paint Bay.