Portfolio – Carmageddon style Car models – Round 2

 2014-2015: Carmageddon style car models – round 2

With the news of Carmageddon Reincarnation being in development. I set out to produce my own batch of new-era carmageddon style cars. Some models are based off of original Carmageddon 1 and 2 cars, while others are new ideas. All Model & Texture material was created by me. Since some mod tools have been organised by other modders I have been experimenting with getting some of these car models into the current playable ‘Early-Access’ build/s and even the full release of Carmageddon Reincarnation.

For download links, See the new section for Carmageddon Max Damage!

’72 Moth Truck Rebuild (originally from Vigilante 8) inspired by: 1972 Mack R-Series Semi Truck

With a recent mod for Carmageddon Reincarnation, which featured the original Nintendo 64 Vigilante 8 Moth Truck, I decided to do a full rebuild of the model, with the intention of sending it back to the member who converted it so there is an up to date version of the Moth Truck. The original N64 era model came in at around 240 Triangles (not counting wheel/s), the new rebuilt version contains approx. 31000 Triangles (not counting wheels or Trailer)


Leadpumper, inspired by: 1976 Lincoln Continental.

The Leadpumper represents the beginning of revisiting my original Carmageddon Style cars, and remodelling them in a more contemporary style at a higher definition of detail to match the cars of the upcoming Carmageddon Reincarnation. The base body shell now has triple the number of polygons (7000 Tris) as my original (2400 Tris) version. Overall Poly’ count is around 40,000 Triangles with all mechanical parts (not counting wheels)



Despite all the extra details, I have planned to retain the cleanest possible style for all parts. All new/redone models in this style will use shared textures for chrome, glass, tires and for mechanical parts. In addition, mechanical parts (engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, exhaust) will created for this vehicle will be re-used and adapted for any other vehicle of the similar drive type (front engine, rear-wheel drive, V8)

Monty Carnage, inspired by: 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The Monty Carnage is a new idea for a Carmageddon style car. The idea being that a ‘Mad’ Icelandic Racing driver has fixed up a ‘beat-up’ Muscle Car with a view to causing maximum carnage on the Carmageddon Circuit.


montycarnageWIP02 montycarnageWIP03 montycarnageWIP04

Stodge Barger, inspired by: 1971 Dodge Charger Super-Bee

My original Stodge Barger model was scrapped in favour of an all new model, constructed with more detail to match the Leadpumper rebuild.


2013-2014: Carmageddon style car models Round 2

Earlier Models

1] The CBT dog-nose Hauler, Driver: Top Cack & Sub’ Balls

The “Dog-Nose” Hauler is manufactured by Heavy Industrial Vehicles (HIV). The full name being HIV OCR-500 “Dog-Nose” Hauler

The idea came from a Blade Runner/Demolition Man view of the future, that was futuristic but designed out of current and past tech, creating a ‘different’ overall style.

This Rig is being driven by a part-time Dominatrix, who has a beef with Val Hella. She intends to crush Val with this monster, but will have to catch her first, and with a mere 105 Mph top speed – it won’t be on the track. This rig boasts so much torque (diesel engine acting as a generator for a Freight Loco Traction Motor) that there’s almost nothing that could beat it in a tug of war.


Additional Renders (click for larger resolution):

Renders52 Renders53 Renders54 Renders55 Renders56 Renders57 Renders58


2] Magnachem Transporter – HIV LM 32

A background style vehicle, used by Magnachem Industries for the moving of radioactive materials.

Manufacturers Summary:

Introduced in 2019, The LM-32 (Light to Medium Duty) Transporter has become a standard for the haulage of light and medium grade cargo across the globe. The LM-32 is a Cab-Over-Engine Tractor Trailer Transporter with a Maximum Gross Weight rating of an impressive 32 Tons. At less than 40 Feet in length (12 meters). The LM-32 manages to provide a relatively high cargo capacity with surprisingly compact truck dimensions, and the benefits of lower costs on all fronts.


MagnachemTransporter01 MagnachemTransporter02

3] Magnachem Tanker – HIV T-W:A-T 11

A background style vehicle, used by Magnachem Industries for the moving of toxic or radioactive chemicals that need to be stored in liquid form.

Manufacturers Summary:

The Toxic-Waste: Articulated-Transport Tanker (11th generation), commonly referred to as the TW:AT 11 is HIV’s state of the art carrier for volatile, toxic or hazardous liquids. Introduced in 2038 to replace the 10th generation of T-W:A-T Tankers. The TW:AT 11 is a part time articulated (controlled at operators discretion) truck designed to make the transport of dangerous liquid substances as safe as possible.


MagnachemTanker01 MagnachemTanker02 MagnachemTanker03