Terms of use


Any information submitted as part of a purchase of any items through the ‘shop’ will not be passed on to third parties.


Unless otherwise stated in the product listing, all items sold in the ‘shop’ are digital goods. This means that no physical items will be sent. The items can be downloaded after the order has been completed.


Unless otherwise stated, purchase and use of assets from Mad Mike Productions are limited to single use for a personal project and may be distributed as part of a project for non-commercial use once, where there is to be no financial charge or exhange of tender (direct or indirect) for any product containing these assets.

Commercial use will require the negotiation of a commercial agreement with Mad Mike Productions, where in exchange for a royalty/licence payment on a per-unit or per-dollar grossed basis for the lifetime of your product, commercial use may be granted. Under these circumstances, the standard up-front cost of our assets may be reduced or even nullified depending upon the agreement reached. For more information please visit our commercial page for more information.

All models are provided in .3ds format and polygon counts are measured in Triangles unless otherwise stated in product description.

You may use and distribute assets purchased from Mad Mike Productions once as part of a single project providing:

A] Mad Mike Productions is credited for external assets with a link to our website:  http://www.madmikeproductionsonline.com

B] There is no commercial or financial gain from distribution, including but not limited to payments for goods and services, donations, advertising revenue or any other exchange for tender relative to the project you use these assets as a part of.